2013 marks 20th Anniversary of Foldermate Enterprise Co.

First of all, I would like to thank all of our clients who have supported us along the way in this journey.
These include the all those from the northernmost Scandinavian countries to the southernmost Oceania
countries; the ones from Middle East to Asia, and also our OEM clients as well. All of you, from more than
80 countries, are the greatest driving force for our progress.

Of course, we can't forget to thank our 1,200 employees, on both side of the strait who have worked with
diligence, creativity, and inspiration over the last twenty years.

I would like to give my special gratitude to the 20% of our employees who have worked for Foldermate for more
than 10 years each. You are the most valuable asset to the company.

Over the past 20 years, Foldermate has provided tastefully designed and carefully manufactured products.
But, as president and CEO, I ask myself every day: What else can Foldermate do for our
country, and customers all over the world.

For the next 20 year, in addition to continual innovation, the three cofounders and I will lead the company to
insist on enhancing our company culture. This culture is focused on integrity, customer service, careful management, sustainable development, and human orientation. We hope to foster a beneficial
environment through strengthening our organization, and deepening our relationship with our suppliers.
We also plan to further deepen our communication with our customers, to act firmly as large company,
and provide products can inspire people.

In closing, the four co-founders of Foldermate, Calvin Hsieh, Andy Chou, Stony Shi, and Jacky Tsai would
again like to say thank you to all of you who have support us, and will continue to support us in the future.

President & CEO
Calvin Hsieh

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